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Carbon Fiber looking film

MAXPLUS CANADAEnhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.A new option in auto tuning:A Carbon Fiber looking film that can be apply to your vehicle. Vision Carbone use Maxplus ™ Carbon Fiber style film, a high quality product. For a genuine look at an affordable price.Trust Vision Carbone Team for a quality installation. We use top quality film to ensure the best look and durability.Our choice of color and relief is the best on the market. Contact our experts who will advise you in designing your unique look.Make your car unique!

A division of Confort Teint Inc.

Why have car wrap?

Car Wrapping is to apply large panels of vinyl to your car to change its color for a totally new and refreshed look. So you can not only make your car unique, but also change its style anytime. It has a self-adhesive back and will stick to pretty much any surface, but also can be removed and re-applied without losing its adhesion. The vinyl can protect the paintwork, so you don't need to spend much money on paint removal.

As for 3D car wrap vinyl, not only can it change the color or graphics on the vehicle, but also the texture. The vinyl is embossed, so you can feel the weave of the film. Also, you can see the patterns on it in 3D effects, depending on the viewing angle. 3D vinyl is also water proof and UV resistant, so it can be applied to exterior and interior surfaces.

A 3D car wrap is not just for the appearance of your car, but it also refers to the method/process of wrapping a car. A car is three-dimensional with compound curvatures, so you need to "Wrap a car in a 3D way".

For more 3D vinyl details, please visit the Products section on this website.

How long ?

It depends on where and how you use your car. It may be affected by several reasons; the environment, climate, technique of the installer, conditions of usage, etc. If your car is wrapped correctly by an installation expert, and is looked after properly, it should last for 1 to 3 years.

Wrap removed

Yes. The wrap can be removed and re-applied several times without losing its adhesion. However, attempting to remove it yourself may cause damage to your paintwork. We suggest you go to the same installation expert who helped with wrapping your car to uninstall your vehicle wrap. It is the best way to protect the original paintwork.

** Note ** If the paintwork of your car is not original, it will depend on the quality of the paintwork.

Wrap a boat ?

With a self-adhesive back, a car wrap vinyl could be applied to different substrates; motorcycles, boats, furniture, etc. However, applying 3D vinyl to airplane surfaces is not recommended.

** Note ** A pre-test is recommended before you apply the vinyl.

Vision Carbone video

Latest news

Vision Carbon and Maxplus Canada will be at the auto show 2013 Toronto Metro Toronto Convention Center from 15 to 24 February 2013.

You can come visit the booth next to Vision Carbon Auto Show in Montreal from 18 January 2013 and from February 15, 2013 in Toronto.

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